2 months without the sun – wherein the polar night? (Tromso, the capital of the Arctic)

How is it to live in this prison? 
A common question friends and family to the news about the fact that we are now at the very north of Norway.
Fortunately, the sun has returned over the horizon, a day gained length.
Despite this, naprodukowałem to his work with the cutscene explaining the phenomenon of the polar night and discovering its real face. It is not as bad as it might seem.

To be clear. In the animation the summer and winter I used a sizeable simplify – inclination of the axis of rotation relative to the sun. However, the axis of rotation of the Earth has a fixed tilt, This position in the annual lap around the sun changes 'inclination to the sun'. So remember! To Ziemia okrąża słońce i o to też walczył Kopernik 😉
no error, that someone is płaskoziemcem – in this case, sheet of our planet cosmic ripples on the wind, driven by the stellar turtle indigestion, grazing asteroid belts :D

What is the polar night and where there?
As celebrates the day return the sun?
All this in less than 4 minutes of the film.
Cheers from the Arctic, although it sounds frighteningly!

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